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  1. I was accepted to the Boone campus. I’ll be declining my seat because I was accepted elsewhere. Hope this opens up a spot for someone on the waitlist! Good luck!!
  2. I just received an acceptance email! I received a phone call around 8:30PM last night but it was from a Connecticut area code, so I didn't answer it. Still not sure if that was them or not haha. Good luck to all!
  3. Yes, I was in the 9/11 interview. She called me 9/14 at 11 AM!
  4. I received my acceptance call from Kay yesterday morning as well! So excited! For those of you with upcoming interviews, just try your hardest to be yourself and you'll do great. The faculty are awesome and they want to see you do well. It was all really well organized on the Zoom format. Good luck to all!
  5. One of my responses is right at the limit, but the other four are anywhere between 1200-1600 characters!
  6. For the supplemental essays, should I make it a point to stay under the word limit, or should I try to keep it under the character limit? Not sure what to do. One of my essays is 308 words (the limit is 250) but only 1789 characters, and the limit is 2500.
  7. I see on their website that they require English and an Advanced Math Course. I did not take these courses in undergrad because I took AP English and AP Calculus in high school. Does anyone know if they will accept this? I also did not take a General Biology class, but I took Cell Bio with a lab. Any one know if this will suffice? Thanks in advance!
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