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  1. Those who were offered interviews, what level were your A&P courses? I would like to retake them at the 300 level, to fulfill the "prerequisites should be upper level coursework" requirement but I cant find it offered near me higher than 200 level.
  2. I also received a denial. Those who received interviews, would you mind sharing your stats? This is my second year applying and I am running out of ideas to improve my application.
  3. I also received that email. Has anyone been rejected yet?
  4. When I called last week, the woman I spoke to said the admissions team would meet again early this week and a second round of interview invitations would go out by the end of the week.
  5. If any of you were like me and submitted on time but were waiting for verification (I just got verified today at 2am), I contacted the program and interview spots were strategically left open to consider the people waiting on verification. We will hear back next week!
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