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  1. Hi I'm Haley, I interviewed on February 8th and was accepted on March 22nd! I'm from Tampa and am planning to move across the bay! I look forward to meeting you guys
  2. Hi all! My name is Haley. I was accepted today and plan on attending Barry in St. Pete this Fall! Congrats on this accomplishment, can't wait to learn together
  3. I received the Supplemental Application confirmation email today
  4. @CASPAthefriendlyghost I received the survey email from UT Tuesday
  5. @RespiratoryGirl Submitted: 8/19 Overall Undergrad: 3.52 Overall Science: 3.37 PCE: 2000+ (CNA) HCE: 664 (CNA, Hospital volunteer) Shadowing: 25 (PA, MD) LOR: 2 RN Managers, 1 professor, 1 NP, and 1 PA Interview date: 10/15!
  6. @MeredithNC @Phoenixfire24 I submitted 6/29, received under review email 7/13 and I haven't heard anything either.
  7. Interviewing October 15th as well! Looking forward to meeting everyone ?
  8. Waitlisted for an interview also! Are there only 2 interview days this cycle or are they doing rounds? Any current students know about the interview waitlist process?
  9. Hi all! I am also interviewing on the 6th! I fly in from Florida on the 5th and would love to meet up. My flight gets in at around 5pm
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