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  1. nice! I am also just waiting to complete the CASPer on 6/2 as well!
  2. submitted 5/21 and verified 5/21! Im from CA but currently in ATL right now finishing up my Masters. Best of Luck guys!
  3. negative, nothing yet. guess its type to move on.
  4. So question. With regards to the prereqs. if lets say for example one or two classes like physio or microbio or any other class was below the minimum of B, but will have a graduate degree. Does that still automatically rule me out? Just want to double checkk.
  5. okay awesome, yea i will try and talk to the school about it and see what they say. Thanks!
  6. Im currently finishing up my masters and should be done around end of march. I saw that some of the people here were also in the same boat. I am late in applying but since the deadline is 12/1 i thought i might apply. However, the only pre-req that i dont have according to there website is developmental psyc. If i have other psychology in the masters level or UG, would that still be okay or do they specificially need developmental psyc? Just curious.
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