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  1. Congratulations on receiving an interview invitation, that is so exciting!! Unfortunately, I do not have any details about the interview, but if I were to give any advice (granted, I know this is generic interview advice), it would be to come prepared with questions to ask, enjoy the experience and don't be nervous! Everyone at the program is super welcoming, so there's not need to be nervous at all. In regards to the supplemental application, I would maybe email Denielle (Admissions Coordinator) tomorrow to verify whether or not you actually submitted one. I would guess that you have submitted a supplemental since you got an interview invite, but I would just check to make sure that everything is good to go! Again, congrats on the interview and good luck!!
  2. You are welcome!! Please let me know if you or anyone else has any questions about the program, application process or PA school in general! I can't promise consistently rapid responses because of school, but I am happy to help in any way that I can! If I were to give any advice, it would be to not compare yourself to the other applicants - although this is MUCH easier said than done. There will always be someone else applying that appears to be "more qualified" with better grades, or more PCE hours, or more medical exposure, but don't let that discourage you. Most programs want to make sure they are getting the best possible students in every respect - personable, caring, compassionate, hard-working and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of future patients and to bettering the PA profession as a whole. Have confidence in your application and in yourself, but remain humble as well. Understand that everything happens for a reason and it will work out exactly as it is meant to. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  3. Hi Everyone! Firstly, congratulations for beginning your applications to OU's PA Program! As a current student, I can confidently say that I am pleased beyond words with my choice to attend to attend OU - it's an absolutely incredible program! I thought I would share a little bit about how *my* application process went in order to provide some information and reassurance (providing they have not changed anything), because I know that every program is different. I submitted my application in late July to meet the August 1st deadline. I received CASPA verification, and an email from the university stating that they had received my application the following day. During my application process, they contacted everyone who received a supplemental application about a month later (early September), and I do not believe they began reviewing the supplemental applications until after the deadline to submit in early October. Shortly thereafter they began sending out interview invites. I received my interview invite in November and was accepted in December. I know this process can be crazy and stressful, but please try to relax and trust the process. You will end up exactly where you are meant to be, at the right time! Best of luck to everyone!
  4. Thank you so much!! I just called and they were able to manually fix it for me as well!
  5. Would anyone that has already successfully submitted their deposit mind helping me out with how to do it? If I go to the student center and find the "Make a Payment" button (as instructed to do) and click on it - I get an error message saying " Either the page your requested cannot be accessed with the credentials you provided or you have not enabled cookies on your computer" - both of which are correct/enabled. Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you for the help!!
  6. Just received an acceptance call from the 12/7 interview! I am so beyond thrilled and excited to meet all of my new classmates!!!
  7. I know it’s only been a week, but has anyone heard anything from the 12/7 interview?
  8. Does anyone perhaps have an idea of how many open seats there may be left in this program?? Or maybe how many people have been pulled off the wait list in previous years? Thank you so much!!
  9. I received an interview invitation last week for Nov 30th and confirmed that I'm attending, so I doubt they would retract it even if the class is full. Regardless, I am still happy to interview for a position on the wait list as it is an excellent program. Thanks for the interview insight though!
  10. Would anyone mind providing any form of insight into the interview format so I may know what to expect?? Thank you so much!!
  11. I too was just invited to the November 30th interview! As was previously asked - does anyone know if the interview on the 30th is for a seat in the cohort or the wait list? I know that the seats fill up very quickly in this program
  12. Just trying to be realistic here, is it decently safe to assume that if we have yet to hear about an interview thus far, the chances going forward aren't all that great?
  13. Does anyone know if we have yet to hear back between Monday and yesterday about the 9/29 interview, can we assume there's no good to come from that?? My anxiety is currently through the roof at the moment..
  14. Congrats to everyone accepted!! Which section of the interview were you in? I was in the 11:30 section and have yet to hear anything positive or negative yet.
  15. Hi Everyone! Does anyone remember how much time passed between submitting your CASPA application and when you received an invitation to submit their supplemental? I haven't heard anything for a few weeks, so I just wanted to check. Thank you!!
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