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  1. I'd expect a call from Drace. Usually they'll send an email or formal letter after the phone call.
  2. I got the call! (Well actually I missed it and called back) Good luck everyone!! ?
  3. Yes! Decisions might out before next next Tuesday (Nov 6), when ARC PA makes their site visit. I heard that was their goal.
  4. For the last interview, people started hearing back a week and a half later (2 Tuesdays). They did send us an email saying they would notify everyone by end of November. No set date, though.
  5. I emailed back to specify (mine is at 1pm as well) and she said we should show up by 12:30!
  6. cGPA- 3.76 sGPA- 3.6 GRE- 320 HCE: 2,100 hours ER Tech, currently PCT in Trauma/Burns Shadowing: 60 hours with 3 PAs 500 Research hours
  7. Just received an email from the program saying they will notify all candidates of their status by end of November. I loved the interview, school and everything about the program! Best of luck to everyone still in the running!
  8. I got an offer to interview! Oct 5-6. Visiting all the way from Alabama! Very excited to meet everyone.

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