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  1. I walked mine in the office before Thanksgiving to give to Ms. Glasscock in person (I thought it would be more glorious and I don't own a scanner lol) and ended up giving it to Mr. Drace since she was out. I emailed to try to get confirmation that nothing else needed to be sent in... and nothing. For nearly 2 weeks. But, I emailed Ms. Glasscock again today saying I was gonna stop by and she emailed back pretty fast saying she had everything. Maybe some of our stuff just got buried in her inbox!
  2. Working at the hospital 7-7 I miss most of the traffic. Takes me about 15 minutes to get to UAB. But when 280 traffic hits closer to 8am and 5pm... It can take 45 minutes to go the 9 miles between home and downtown. When I was looking at apartments originally, a local suggested that if you live on the 280 side of town to live north of 459. I probably should have taken that more seriously, but it's not awful.
  3. I guess I forgot to introduce myself lol I'm Jared Godwin, from Huntsville AL and living in Birmingham for the past 4 months. I work in Trauma/Burns at UAB hospital right now until classes start. I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group soon for our class. If anyone comes to visit Birmingham and wants to grab coffee or see your future home, I've found a few cool places to try out! Go Blazers!
  4. Yes, Highlands and Homewood are good for space and distance! I live down 280 past the Summit, and there are places there with plenty of room for cheap. Hoover has good space too. I'd just suggest to not get too far down 280 or I65 because you'll get stuck in carmaggedon everyday and it's not always the easiest to study in the car lol
  5. Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for everyone accepted to UAB this cycle planning on being in the class of 2021! I haven't heard of a Facebook group yet so maybe here we can start meeting each other!
  6. Got my official call today!! Congrats everyone!! I can’t believe this is happening!
  7. I missed his call on Tuesday! I've called back to his voicemail, too. Maybe he will call again today!
  8. I'd expect a call from Drace. Usually they'll send an email or formal letter after the phone call.
  9. I got the call! (Well actually I missed it and called back) Good luck everyone!! ?
  10. Yes! Decisions might out before next next Tuesday (Nov 6), when ARC PA makes their site visit. I heard that was their goal.
  11. For the last interview, people started hearing back a week and a half later (2 Tuesdays). They did send us an email saying they would notify everyone by end of November. No set date, though.
  12. I emailed back to specify (mine is at 1pm as well) and she said we should show up by 12:30!
  13. cGPA- 3.76 sGPA- 3.6 GRE- 320 HCE: 2,100 hours ER Tech, currently PCT in Trauma/Burns Shadowing: 60 hours with 3 PAs 500 Research hours
  14. Just received an email from the program saying they will notify all candidates of their status by end of November. I loved the interview, school and everything about the program! Best of luck to everyone still in the running!
  15. I got an offer to interview! Oct 5-6. Visiting all the way from Alabama! Very excited to meet everyone.
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