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  1. I was pulled from the waitlist on Friday!! I had been waitlisted twice for this program and could not be happier to have been given an opportunity to begin my dream! Patience and diligence is truly the key! Keep your head up everyone!!!
  2. I have tried to contact the program and have never been able to get ahold of anyone to ask their opinion. Do you know of a number to call?
  3. I just called the school inquiring about my application and they told me that we could hear from now until next April. So the wait continues...
  4. I havent heard anything at all! I did get a call today letting me know that they wuld be making final interviews decisions toward the end of this week. So in two days?? Hopefully some of will hear good news!
  5. CASPA deadline for this program is 03/01/2020..... so i'm not so sure they are starting in January because I was going to apply! do you guys think it is too late?
  6. I hope they are because I haven't heard either way, denial or interview invite!
  7. I was able to get a response from the email presented above. I was told that I have been reviewed and scored and will be notified if there is a change in status. Does anyone know if they are still conducting interviews?
  8. Yes I have emailed her twice and have heard nothing back. I will try again! Thank you!
  9. that makes total sense but that is not how I received the prior message! I also emailed the program and they stated that if you are invited for an interview it will be communicated via phone or email!
  10. Can anyone give us the contact info they have used to contact the program? I have tried calling multiple times and have never been able to reach someone!
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