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  1. Other Utah guy and Tennessee transplant. I was accepted on 1/18 and have lived in Tennessee for awhile now. Interested in emergency and pretty stoked to start.
  2. Accreditation does not happen until around March if I recall correctly.
  3. Also got accepted on the 5th. Faculty was super friendly. Entire process was pretty low stress.
  4. cGPA: 3.86 sGPA: 3.75 GRE: 309 4 AW PCE: 3000 hours
  5. Email; looks just like the Atlanta interview invite but in text rather than image
  6. Just go an invitation for interview on November 16
  7. October 5th interview for Atlanta. Submitted my application for Nashville/Atlanta on August 28 and Knoxville on July 2
  8. Will we need to bring resumes for the interview? ( Sept 6th BTW)
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