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  1. hobbyjogger

    South College-Atlanta

    Accreditation does not happen until around March if I recall correctly.
  2. hobbyjogger

    South College-Atlanta

    Also got accepted on the 5th. Faculty was super friendly. Entire process was pretty low stress.
  3. hobbyjogger


    cGPA: 3.86 sGPA: 3.75 GRE: 309 4 AW PCE: 3000 hours
  4. hobbyjogger


    Email; looks just like the Atlanta interview invite but in text rather than image
  5. hobbyjogger


    Just go an invitation for interview on November 16
  6. hobbyjogger

    South College-Atlanta

    October 5th interview for Atlanta. Submitted my application for Nashville/Atlanta on August 28 and Knoxville on July 2
  7. Will we need to bring resumes for the interview? ( Sept 6th BTW)

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