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  1. hmr1004

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Would you mind posting your stats? I am interested in applying to this school next year and would like to see if I have a chance
  2. hmr1004


    I have not heard back about my application and I did not have an interview yet. Did you?
  3. hmr1004


    Has anyone heard anything recently? I haven’t gotten any updates regarding my application. Also does anyone know if anyone has gotten denial letters yet???
  4. hmr1004

    2018-2019 cycle

    Anyone heard anything the last few weeks about upcoming interviews or rejections .. ??
  5. Anyone heard anything the last few weeks??
  6. hmr1004

    2018-2019 cycle

    When did they contact you about this interview date?
  7. hmr1004


    Did they notify you via email?
  8. hmr1004

    2018-2019 cycle

    Did they notify you via email?
  9. Was the rejection letter for this fall semester that already started, or next fall, the one you just applied to?
  10. I got the same email twice too!
  11. No response yet either. If it does not come today I will try to connect with them again.
  12. I just emailed them this morning so we will see if I get a response
  13. Me too. Just checked the mail and I got nothing. It’s supposed to be here no later than tomorrow so looks like we will all find out tomorrow! ..

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