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  1. I applied the first week in July and I just got an email with the interview invitation
  2. I'm interviewing November 27th!
  3. On my phone it showed that the call was from Palo Alto (area code: 650)
  4. I just got a call from professor Toussant that I got accepted!!! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back!!
  5. Has anyone heard anything from BU?
  6. I got invited for an interview Nov 2nd after being on the waitlist!
  7. I just got an email saying I'm on the waitlist for an interview... Good luck everyone!
  8. I also received an interview!! I'm thinking of choosing the 24th of September!
  9. Thank you! I received the email last Wednesday (Aug 29th)
  10. I received an interview invite for October 5-6th!! Submitted June 30 Verified July 15

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