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  1. Just got the acceptance call!! I interviewed October 17-18th!!
  2. I got the same email! I think they are just trying to weed out people who have already been accepted to other programs so they can make the waitlist shorter!! Hopefully we’ll get off soon
  3. I'm interviewing on Monday and my flight tomorrow morning lands super early if anyone wants to explore the area or get dinner tomorrow!!
  4. Received an interview today for 10/17-18! I was literally verified in May lol so if you haven’t gotten a rejection email yet, you’re probably still on an interview “waitlist” so don’t give up hope!!
  5. Has anyone on the waitlist been updated about their status? Or has anyone tried to contact the admissions office to find out their ranking?
  6. I applied the first week of June and haven’t heard back besides the application still under review email, is anyone else in the same boat? People who applied a few weeks later are getting interviews and rejected so just wondering what to think!!
  7. Just heard back from Friday's interview and was waitlisted. Good luck everyone!
  8. Would anyone interviewing on the 12th want to get dinner the night before? It might be nice going in and knowing some familiar faces!
  9. I just got an email from the June 20th interview that I’m on the alternate list. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. My application was received on 6/6 and I just received an invitation yesterday to interview on July 12th!
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