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  1. $10k a year expensive? Generally speaking, tail cover you if a former patient from a former practice decide to sue you? So when a PA start a new job and a tail is offered by the new employer, should you leave the job later, you’re protected if you get sued? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your feed back:). My current employer offer “claims made”. Does that mean I don’t have tail currently? The derm practice that I interviewed told me that they do not offer tail. Can I buy nose and tail (full coverage)? Should the policy be (occurrence or claims made)? Thanks!!!
  3. Hey y’all, I interviewed at a derm office and they said they don’t offer tail coverage. Due to the high liability in dermatology, I’m very concern. How much does tail coverage cost? Can I buy my own policy (Nose and tail) in addition to the current policy offered by the practice? I don’t know if my question mAke any sense. Please advise. Thank you! Thanks!
  4. I see 25-30 patients a day now and It is a lot of work. Thank you for that advice! How important is tail coverage?
  5. That’s right. Forgot about health insurance. Thanks E!
  6. Hello PAs, I’ve been a PA for 8 years but no experience in dermatology. I currently make 135-140K, pick and chose the day I want to work, full bennies, 1 hour lunch. I’m looking to change specialty and have interviewed at a derm practice a few days ago. They offer general and cosmetic dermatology. I would like to know if this is a good offer: -$130K salary 5 days a week; no % collection but said that with enough procedure I can make $180-$200k like most PAs there. -Will train me 4-6 month -See 35/day and twice a month and have to go to a rural clinic that is 1.5 hours away. - no tail coverage - no 401K (they ‘may’ offer it in April) -20 hours PTO -$2500/year CME -License/DEA reimbursements Any thoughts? Thank you!
  7. If I click on a diagnosis will it open up Different treatment/drug options?
  8. The officer manger emailed me this when I asked about EMR. Not sure what he mean by ‘admin time is minimal’. 3. Are you guys using EMR to chart? Yes, we use Modernizing Medicine's EMA software. There is no scribing involved so your admin time is minimal.
  9. I have an interview with another derm practice in a few days. Curious to see what they will offer.
  10. But no scribing? If I’m not writing RX, how will I treat a patient skin condition?
  11. I agree. As much as I want to transition into dermatology, $70K and no bennies is a slap in the face. RNs make $70K more. I have no derm experience but definitely not a new PA. I’m comfortable in the clinical setting. I have experience treating common skin conditions just not basal / squamous cell/melanoma, etc. There’s no way I can survive at $70-$90K. And no bennies???!!! Thank you for your input!
  12. To all the Dermatology PA, I have work retail medicine for 7 years. I had a dermatology interview recently. They offer general and cosmetic derm care, Mohs surgery. They said that they usually pay brand new PA $70K during training then $90K post training and possibly no benefits. I currently make $140k. I understand that derm is hard to break into with no derm experience. But isn’t that too low? They will train me 4-6 month, no scribing, and will work me in slowly to see 35 patients a day. No scribing? I do have a second interview at a different practice in 3 days. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
  13. Congrats to you for not giving up! I’ve applied aggressively the last 2 weeks. I had a shot when I was a new grad but I wasn’t willing to relocate. It’s haunting me. I’m definitely willing to relocate and make less:)
  14. Moderator Edit: Remove quote co gaining personal information at the request of user.
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