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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if there is a Facebook page yet for the Class of 2022? Also, good luck to everyone interviewing!! Hopefully good news will be coming your way soon!
  2. Just got the email that I am waitlisted! Good luck everyone!
  3. Totally agree with you! Be yourself and remember to have fun as cliché as that sounds haha! Not only were all the faculty/alum/students really kind and welcoming, all the interviewees I talked to also made the interview day really fun!
  4. Oh, hm that doesn't sound quite right...haha I'm pretty sure we will hear back before then!! Let me know when they get back to you with any clarification!
  5. Yeah, they definitely told us 10/3 for those who interviewed on 9/14! What did admissions say?
  6. CONGRATS! I got the call yesterday too! Were you in the first or second interview session?!
  7. Hi everyone! Submitted 7/2 and received an interview invite 7/22 for 9/14! Can't wait to meet everyone! Any interview tips/advice from past interviewees?
  8. Hi everyone! Thought my experience may be helpful for some. I submitted 7/11 and never got the email for the portal to pay the supplemental fee so I emailed them to have it fixed. I finally had the issue resolved but for those who have submitted and not received any email-- you should definitely email them if it has been awhile (more than a few weeks) just to follow-up!
  9. Yay, congrats! From what I've gathered, last year's format was 3 individual interviews if that helps!
  10. Received an interview invite for 9/12 too! I’m planning on flying in on 9/10 if anyone wanted to meet up to grab coffee or food!
  11. I was verified 6/28 so I've been a little anxious haha but thank you and good luck to everyone!!
  12. Hi everyone! For those who received interview invites, when did you submit your application and receive verification? Thanks!
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