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  1. I am starting a job in an outpatient neurology office soon. They are currently on paper charts with plans of switching over to EPIC. I have a lot to learn jumping into such a specialized field as a new grad, and I am worried about writing notes. Unfortunately, neuro was my very first rotation, so I am a bit rusty. Would anyone be willing to share their note writing templates for the most common visits - migraine, MS, epilepsy, parkinson's, etc? I know there are epic dot phrases and such but I have no access to this right now. Any help or resource advice is appreciated.
  2. Had a recent interview with a small outpatient neurology office. It is 4 physicians and 4 NPs spread over two practices. I would be the 5th APP with the majority of my time spent outpatient, with the potential for inpatient and SNF rounding if I want in the future. On top of my base salary they mentioned they do profit sharing based on how much revenue I bring in. I didn't ask specifics because I didn't even know what to ask, but I am having a follow up conversation with them in a few days. What should I ask? How has profit sharing worked out for any of you in the past? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a dilemma. I am a new grad struggling to get a job. I have been offered a neurology, 0.6 FTE, nights position. I interviewed for a full time days position but this was given to someone with experience. This is far from ideal but the hospital told me after 1 year I can qualify to go full time. I may take it as I need to start working and neurology is my top interest. I have a copy of the contract and I don't understand their termination policy. It requires 180 days notice, which is ridiculous, but this is a huge hospital system and they will not budge on any aspect of their
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