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  1. Hello! Selling this book for $15 including shipping! In great condition as I just got this book 2 months ago!
  2. Hello! I’m in search of an Welch Allen 97200-MCL w NiCad handle oto-ophthalmoloscope set. Message or comment if you are selling yours!
  3. Hi guys! i am currently accepted into a program that starts in January 2020 but am waitlisted at my top program that starts in May 2020. When do I have to fill out FAFSA for Jan 2020 start date? Do I have to wait to know for sure what school I am going to before I fill it out? I wasn’t sure either when I absolutely have to fill it out if I’m potentially starting in January 2020. thanks in advance!
  4. they are rolling admissions however i think you are still okay! Can anyone attest to the interview and how it went? I was not sure what the "group discussion" entailed? Thanks in advance!
  5. what was the interview like? do you know how many are interviewed vs accepted?
  6. Hi guys! I have a program with supplemental questions that I am kind of unsure/stumped on. One question asks to provide " a statement on my academic record". What should I discuss here? Their next question asks for me to talk about who I am outside of aspiring to be a PA. Should I discuss hobbies and my personality? All suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  7. I did not.. I talked more about helping with ADLs and my experience as a whole and what I learned!
  8. Hi guys! This might be a stupid question, however the CASPA people told me either way would be fine..? For my CNA license description, I wasn't sure whether or not to describe getting licensed, ie the class, clinical hours, etc or describing the duties as a CNA. I was kind of confused if anyone could lend me some advice! Thanks ! Rachel
  9. I had issues too! I tried 3 different cards and it didn't work. What did they say to do then?
  10. Hi guys! So I have a little over 1200 hours as a CNA and I put all of my hours under PCE. Looking over my information, I realized I might need to put some of these hours into HCE. 95% of the time I was with a resident while working however small fractions of my time involved charting or making beds, etc. Should I take some hours out of PCE and put maybe 50 or so into HCE to account for the short amounts of time where I was doing charting, etc? Thanks! Rachel
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