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  1. I just got accepted off the waitlist this morning! I interviewed back in October. If you are on the waitlist, don’t give up just yet!
  2. I interviewed on 11/12 and received a call on 11/26 that I was accepted! I was beyond shocked to be honest!
  3. Just received an invitation to interview on Monday, November 19th! So they must still be reviewing applications and sending out other dates!
  4. Interviewed 10/5 and my portal just changed to show all the pre-reqs needed....so waitlisted.
  5. I received an invitation to interview last week and they gave me three dates in October to choose from. I will be there October 12th, so they definitely are still interviewing! Good luck!
  6. I received an interview invitation by email on September 21st for October 20th! Excited to meet everyone!
  7. Hey guys, I actually toured the campus last week and asked the program coordinator about when they will be holding interviews this year as I know previously they were in November or so. She told me that they are aiming for October - November this year. Hopefully we hear something soon then! Good luck everyone!
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