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  1. Hmm, I'm assuming they probably just reached the max # of candidates for the 22nd, and wouldn't think too much of it. But I am interested in seeing how virtual interviews are going to be conducted
  2. Also received an interview invite for July 22! Verified on May 26
  3. I interviewed in February at the Miami campus!
  4. Potentially, but I'm sure they weigh other factors into the waitlist too
  5. I was told during my interview that the waitlist is ranked, and that your entire application/date of interview etc are contributing factors. I am also on the waitlist and waiting has been tough! Hoping for the best for all of us though Stay safe!
  6. Hello! I also received an interview for January 15th - feeling a little discouraged considering the follow up email but at least it's a shot at a seat in the class!
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