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  1. If any accepted students would like to get an apartment together, pls message me.
  2. That’s how they’ve been doing it thus far, phone call then email
  3. No I don’t think you should be concerned . I think they are waiting to finalize the 30 seats before sending the email
  4. Did you get your acceptance email already ?
  5. Do you know roughly how many people have gotten accepted so far?
  6. I don’t understand their logic for waiting so long to send acceptances . But hopefully next week we hear something
  7. Did you guys get a response after emailing your waitlist confirmation sheet?
  8. Got wait listed today. Have they sent out any rejection letters? Or are we all either accepted or waitlisted?
  9. I feel like it’s all pretty predictable. We will most likely hear something before the holidays... but yes if anyone from dec 7 interviews heard something please let us know
  10. I think it’s pretty safe to say that their waiting until after the interview this weekend
  11. No update for me. Anyone from Oct 26th interview hear anything?
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