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  1. Thank you! No last Wednesday
  2. I got interview invite for 5/31
  3. Hey can anyone tell me how long the interview day is?
  4. I was waitlisted as well. They sent me two emails both saying waitlisted... I wonder if everyone not accepted was waitlisted?
  5. wow so surprised it’s taking this long. thanks for the update!
  6. I'm still hoping for today! but if not then def tomorrow. the suspense is killing me
  7. I spoke to them on Monday. They said everyone will be notified by the end of this week.
  8. they responded stating they will accept microbiology for nonscience members.
  9. Does anyone know if the science prerequisites (specifically microbiology) has to be intended for science majors. I see on the website it doesn't specify.
  10. no update for me yet. i’m hoping we hear good things too
  11. thanks for the update. Did they email that to you because youre on the waiting list?
  12. so no one as recieved a rejection yet?
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