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  1. can anyone from the oct 5 interview tell me what time the interview session ended?
  2. oh thank God. I got a little confused there. I'm interviewing Nov 1 but still have a few prereqs. I plan on finishing my remaining prereqs in May of 2020. So I should be fine right?
  3. Hey I’m suddenly a little confused about the prereqs. Does the requirement that prereqs be completed by the spring term of matriculation year mean that we can be enrolled in a few prereqs in that spring semester???
  4. Anyone else get pulled off waitlist?
  5. Congrats! When did you interview?
  6. Thank you! No last Wednesday
  7. I got interview invite for 5/31
  8. Hey can anyone tell me how long the interview day is?
  9. I was waitlisted as well. They sent me two emails both saying waitlisted... I wonder if everyone not accepted was waitlisted?
  10. wow so surprised it’s taking this long. thanks for the update!
  11. I'm still hoping for today! but if not then def tomorrow. the suspense is killing me
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