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  1. Anyone who has not received an interview invite, have you received a rejection notice? I keep checking my inbox but haven't heard back from them...
  2. I kept getting the email and the link would never work, never occurred to me to try the login info first...
  3. @aileenboyle Congrats! still waiting to here anything. Do you mind sharing your stats and when did you submit your app?
  4. Wondering if anyone who has not received an interview invite, receive a rejection notice?
  5. Haven't heard anything, I've been checking my junk mail and everything.
  6. LLU application is due on 10/1 the secondary application has 4 essay questions to answer
  7. Anyone hear any updates on the accreditation status for LLU? I know that they're up for review in March. I know that they said it was administrative issues that placed them on probation, but any word on what they've done to rectify it to ensure full accreditation on the next review?
  8. I'm hoping to get into MBKU as my top choice also! but i'm a first-time applicant. Good luck to everyone!
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