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  1. Hi everybody! Does anyone have any insight on the "medical terminology" test that we have the first day? I've been studying the book that they advised it would be on, but I just want to try and focus my studying if possible. Not sure if this was discussed on another forum. PS, to clarify and to hopefully avoid anyone worrying this is part of the interview, there is a test for accepted students on the first day! Sorry for any confusion. I just can't seem to find another forum for accepted manchester students.
  2. FYI for those still waiting, I got an email today advising that I didn't get the scholarship. Best of luck to everyone else
  3. Woohooo!!! Congratulations KSgirl, that is such awesome news
  4. Good luck to you too! Thank you for the update. Maybe they'll decide to just give us all scholarships .
  5. Hi all, same boat as NWAPA. I submitted on the deadline and other than the "referred" email, nada.
  6. Hi @PRT11! Sorry for the delay on this response. I can definitely understand being nervous about something in a group setting if you're not originally from here. That must be tough! I'm not sure what they'll have for your "group assignment", but I can tell you that you wouldn't have had an issue at all with ours. Strangely we didn't have a writing component. I was pretty worried about that and had thought about all the possible questions they may ask us. Ha, turns out that was a whole lot of stress for no reason! One thing I forgot to mention, they give you a questionnaire about your personality and generally about what you think/or would do in certain scenarios. I assume they want to make sure they have good group dynamics with everyone they choose. I can't remember the questions exactly, but I answered super honestly. Haha even if some of my personality traits may not be perfect, I'd rather have them choose me for me! Who knows if they take a lot of consideration into your answers for that, but it was the one part of the day I forgot to mention. Just a couple weeks away for you now!
  7. @PRT11 Hi! I'm not sure how to reply to your post, so hopefully tagging you works. The interview day was extremely laid back. I had REALLY stressed about it, and while I'm glad I prepared, there wasn't much to stress about. When you first get there, everyone meets in one room and you're given a schedule for the day. We had three groups, so depending on your group, you either went to your one on one interview, met with current students, or did the group activity. I was one of the lucky ones that had their interview first (I assume this is the most stressful part for everyone). They have a bunch of professors that interview, so each of us in the smaller groups met with a different person and we all went into our respective rooms at the same time. I had practiced a lot of questions I thought may arise, and didn't get asked one of them :). It actually ended up being for the best though, because that made it so my answers were more organic. They really do just want to get to know you. I know others mentioned they had a lot of moral/scenario questions in their interview (your boss tells you to do something you know is wrong, what do you do), but I didn't have as many of these. I *think* that part probably only lasted 20-30 mins? My biggest struggle is always thinking of questions to ask them. I did a stupid amount of research on the program, so I felt like I already had my questions answered. Obviously make sure you come prepared with a few. The group part was just to make sure you can work with others. Ours wasn't knowledge based at all, and was actually a pretty fun exercise. Don't be a jerk, and make sure you help the group in a constructive manner and you'll be completely fine. I toured the campus before my interview, so I met with the students on a previous occasion. They're super nice and helpful and you can ask them anything. We toured around campus the day of as well. I hope this helps! If you're anything like me, this has been my dream for a really long time. I doubted myself a looooooot in this process, but I tried to go in with the mindset that all the hard work I put in so far earned me a spot to let me convince them why I would be a good fit. Just getting an interview is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself! Lastly, it helped to remember that at least one person on the admissions committee wanted me to be there. They don't want to waste their time, so if they didn't think you were a good fit, you wouldn't be invited. Good luck! Zoe
  8. Has anyone that interviewed 10/22 heard back yet? I know they said 2-4 weeks but I'm going bonkers playing the waiting game!
  9. Hi @KGNH10, I received my portal notification on Thursday and then received the interview invite the next day. However, I read some of the previous years posts and it seems to be all over the place. I submitted my application 7/13 and was verified 7/26. Does anyone know how many people they interview and how many they accept?
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