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  1. Thanks for your insight. That's good to hear. Have you worked with any career changers / people with lesser HCE? I'm obviously going to get HCE to make sure this is right for me and be competitive for programs. But I'm still worried I might get in and not be able to hack it.
  2. I've been talking to and shadowing PAs. And nope, she only commented on PAs. It was more her focus on my career change from an unrelated field to healthcare that rattled me, not the focus on PA training. It had me questioning how feasible it is for a career changer to do well in the profession.
  3. After 8 years in marketing (and disliking a majority of it), I finally pulled the trigger on a career change and quit my job a couple weeks ago. I've been taking the science pre-reqs since January (about 1/4 done) and just started a CNA class. I don't have any HCE experience, so this is a total change for me. I've shadowed several different healthcare fields and was feeling very good about my decision to pursue a PA career. Until I talked to a PA and an NP in who work in inpatient oncology. After I explained my situation and plans to the NP, she rolled her eyes and said that she had seen people come in as PAs with limited healthcare experience. "And it never works out." That really short conversation really made me doubt my choices, especially quitting my well-paying, stable job. I've enjoyed my prereqs, shadowing, and I want to make a difference in people's lives -- something I'll never get in marketing. Career changers out there: How was your transition to healthcare? Do you feel that the HCE hours you had before you started PA school were enough? This NP seemed like a bit of a curmudgeon, but I know that she's right to a degree. Just wondering if my anxiety is unfounded at this point and/or if I should be calling my boss to get my marketing job back...Would appreciate any thoughts/advice you have.
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