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  1. Do you know when they’ll release a schedule for the coming class? Not of exact classes just holidays and what not!
  2. For those accepted have you gotten any email yet? LeAnn Said she was going to send info out but I haven’t gotten any. Also Is someone starting a Facebook page?
  3. They said for the interview it’s an essay and then a group project and then an interview?? Sounds very extensive haha they just sent the email today
  4. I shared them a couple comments above! And they’re sending more out tomorrow too! Don’t give up hope!
  5. sGPA-3.45 GPA-3.6 pce~1000 from being an EMT and a medical missions trip
  6. Me neither! I don’t think they’ve sent any out yet!! We’re in this together!
  7. Thank you for sharing! This is very encouraging
  8. DId anybody else get the email about being placed on the wail list this morning?
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