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  1. Has anyone else heard anything? Has anyone received a denial?
  2. No, I wish! She just said as of Friday they still have invitations to send out this week. All she said was “over the next few days”
  3. Update: I called the school, they have not sent out all invitations yet. So there is still hope!
  4. Yeah! Last year it looked like they called over a period of 5 days. So I’m still hopeful!
  5. Has anyone gotten a rejection letter or email yet? Or has the website changed from “pending”
  6. I still have not heard anything either. I figured by now we would know something! It’s stressing me out
  7. I am confused why people are receiving denial letters so early also. For anyone that received a denial, do you mind sharing stats?
  8. Does anyone know when they start contacting people about interviews?
  9. I am wondering the same! I am getting extremely anxious!!
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