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  1. February 8th was the deposit deadline. No idea about waitlist.
  2. I probably fall outside of normal applicant bell curve. I'm 36 years old and have had more time to get experience. GPA: 3.7ish Science GPA: 3.8 Health Care Experience: 12 years as a military medic...so like 20,000+ hours Volunteer Hours: Around 100 Shadow: I didn't shadow a PA because I worked with them daily During my undergrad I was on student government and worked as an organic chemistry TA. (both show leadership) Honestly, I think my real world experience was what helped me the most. Understanding how a PA operates in health care and some of the daily struggles they deal with is very important. Also, find some aspect of healthcare you are passionate about and have that be shown through out your application and interview. I'm from the state and it was clear that I will be practicing in the state after graduation. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I met so many highly qualified applicants during my interview that I can't imagine how hard it was for the admissions committee to make their selections.
  3. Dr. Hale, on Monday. The phone call came from the Program Director Prof. Darden. Didn't get any details other than I can expect the official letter sometime next week. No idea if they have made all of their selections yet.
  4. Yes, I got a phone call today letting me know I was accepted. Congratulations to everyone else that was accepted and I'm looking forward to meeting you all real soon! Once again, if anyone from out of state has questions or concerns about Wichita and where to live I would be happy to check on things for you.
  5. We were told on Monday that they should have the selection done the 18th. Maybe they will get done sooner but I don't expect it.
  6. Has anyone seen an academic schedule for the program? Like, are there built in breaks throughout the year? Is there a Christmas break?
  7. I also received an invitation for the 14th in the afternoon! I look forward to meeting all of you! If anyone is traveling from out of town and has any questions about the area feel free to hit me up.
  8. I received my confirmation email this week so I'm pretty sure they are a week or two behind normal schedule. Hopefully next week we start seeing invites!
  9. It would mean nothing for us. We could still become fully licensed and take the PANCE. If WSU fails the inspection for a second time then they could be in trouble. But, I've read that they are in the process of getting off probation very soon. I heard it was more of a clerical error vs. a systemic problem.
  10. Awesome! Fingers crossed I get mine today as well! I suspect interview invites are coming next week.
  11. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback! At least I can rest assured they are still working on them!
  12. Has anyone received a confirmation email recently? I'm thinking about calling or sending an email to inquire about the status.
  13. I feel like this year they have been running a little slower than they have in previous cycles. Let's hope we all hear something real soon! I'm tired of anxiously waiting for news!
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