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  1. I clicked on that even though it's wrong. However, I keep trying to submit but it says that I am having issues with the program disclosure part. I have filled out the entire application twice and am still having issues. I emailed Mr. Bocking.
  2. Got an interview invite a few days ago! I chose 10/18. If anyone has questions then feel free to contact me!
  3. I talked to admissions the other day. I was told they were aiming for sending out invites in mid to late August.
  4. Are they really accepting about 5 students for the next class?!
  5. I'll do just that! I'm going to an information session in about 3 weeks. Do you think it's acceptable to mention my application being updated?
  6. I've noticed others getting interviews before me and they applied days after me. I will graduate in 2 weeks and my updated transcript will reach CASPA in about a week. When I update my application to show my graduation and my last prerequisite being updated (will update both in about 2 weeks), do you think I'll still have a chance? Is updating your application something they actually look at much? Or am I out of the race already?
  7. I was verified on on 6/5, should I still keep up hope?
  8. Congratulations! How were you all notified?
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