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  1. I have not heard back since my interview in December. I guess we will hear back after the other interviews are finalized.
  2. In my experience, I been put on the waitlist for interview twice on the previous cycles. Got rejected after - I generally received the rejection E-mail on the 4th week of January. It’s extremely rare they would choose someone from the waitlist for interview. Depends how many students decline their interview spots in January. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi everyone! I got invited for an interview this Saturday at 9 am. Who else is going? I am very excited to meet all of you.
  4. By any chance do you know if they are still handing out interview invites for March 23rd @TrojanPa82? I have not heard back from the program since last year when my application got processed. I checked my spam E-mail just incase I missed something, but nothing...
  5. When did you received your invite if I may ask?
  6. Does anyone know if they are still sending March interview invites? I am still waiting to hear back.
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