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  1. Just submitted deposit on the portal. Is there anything else that we are required to do as of now? I am just wanting to confirm because they mentioned the background check, but there was no link to registration unless it is automatic.
  2. Same thing happened to me! So many emotions went through my head where I could not think straight. They just said sometime this week I would receive a packet in the mail is all they said! If anyone else has any more specific details, please share!!
  3. Yes. I am unsure. During my interview in the morning, there was maybe 21 students? So if each part had around 20, it equals to around 160 if each one had 20
  4. During my interview, they said around 200... but all the years previously have been 150
  5. Did you attend both interviews? We can message and chat if you would like to discuss together.
  6. During my interview they said they interviewed “around 200.” Did anyone here different during their interview?
  7. When did they email you notifying when they completed your rank?
  8. Has anyone received an interview for January by chance if there is one?
  9. Has anyone else by chance removed their waitlist as well?
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