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  1. Has anyone received an interview for January by chance if there is one?
  2. Has anyone else by chance removed their waitlist as well?
  3. Does anybody know how many the wailist is out of?
  4. ham655

    2018-2019 CASPA Cycle

    I contacted them over the weekend since they said most interviews would be sent out in November. They responded saying they are still being sent out yesterday. Today, I received an interview around 10:15!! So excited.
  5. ham655

    2018-2019 CASPA Cycle

    Does anyone know if more emails are going out?
  6. ham655

    2018-2019 Cycle

    My application was just ranked on 11/15... any idea when I might hear something?
  7. ham655

    2018-2019 CASPA Cycle

    I did not receive anything, and I am wondering the same thing as well. I am from Tulsa.
  8. ham655

    2018-2019 CASPA Cycle

    So interviews are going out today??
  9. Received a call at 4:26, last name starts with M from Oklahoma.
  10. Anybody with the last initial M receive interviews yet?
  11. TO people who received interviews yesterday, what do your last names start with?
  12. When did you all submit, and do any of you mind messaging me sharing your stats and residency or posting? Jw where I stand! First time applicant here.
  13. Is there any way to know if all interview invites have gone out already?
  14. So Tacoma has sent out rejection letters?

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