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  1. I have a friend who got his seat invite for SLC already too.
  2. I'm Melanie! Super excited to meet up and hopefully calm my nerves a bit.. unless you guys are all awesome, that won't help looks like we might have about 6 people showing up, this should be fun!
  3. Haha sounds perfect, I love it. 6:00 or so?
  4. I would also like to meet up! Any plans in the works yet?
  5. I found this on the U website, which makes me think they ask you what you want after being accepted! I also selected no preference on CASPA, but I would love it if they ask!
  6. Does anyone know if an interview in St George means you're only interviewing for a spot on that campus? or is the SLC program still an option even though the interview is in St George?
  7. I just got an invite for the 17th too! Are there any plans to meet up the night before that you know of? Thanks!
  8. I just got my acceptance phone call!!! I interviewed yesterday 10/15. SO excited to attend this program!!
  9. Accepted my alternate for an interview position. Good luck everyone!
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