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  1. hi!! I appreciate you giving your input and advice. So around when did you sign your lease and move in ? Are the two places you mentioned pretty close to the school? any bad traffic?
  2. hey guys! I am interviewing 12/11 and was curious how the process went and what type of questions were asked? thanks in advance!!!!
  3. hey guys! anyone who has gone to the interview, what was the process like??
  4. thank you for this! what types of questions were asked?
  5. Can anyone who has already interviewed please give some info on the types of questions asked ?
  6. Hi guys! thought Id start a new topic to make things easier... I interviewed on 10/12 and got my acceptance 10/24! Im so excited to meet and get to know you guys ?
  7. @dgeddam The interview process overall was very relaxed. The individual interview was super quick. The types of questions asked were "Why Barry" "How do you like to learn," etc. The group interview consisted of ethical type questions..I would look over biomedical ethics to help you approach these types of questions effectively. Don't worry at all, it was a long day but the faculty were all extremely compassionate. Just be yourself!
  8. I haven't heard anything either ? I hope we dont get denied!
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