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  1. I moved right into West Hartford in November and was accepted here! I would look in the west end or outside of the center. Bloomfield is close as well!
  2. Hi has anyone applied to Westfield State or have previously interviewed here?
  3. Hey everyone! I have my first interview coming up ion August 30th. I am a little nervous about questions that could catch me off guard. I have been studying the schools program. I graduated from there so I am pretty familiar with the campus. I am just worried about being one of the younger candidates and I have started a new full-time DPC/ PCE job one week after I submitted my application in June so it is not on my CASPA. It also has drastically increased my number of DPC/ PCE hours. Should I bring a print out of my role or a new resume?
  4. Also received an interview for August 30th. I went to Westfield and the women that started the program has also helped open Bay Path and Springfield College. I would not be worried about them not being accredited. Anyone interviewing at the 11:30 time?
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