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  1. Don’t give up hope if you’re on the waitlist! I’m in the current class and was #16 on the waitlist when I got accepted in January!! It’s different every year of course but you never know!
  2. Hi! I interviewed at NAU at the end of September 2019, found out I was on the waitlist mid-November 2019, and then was accepted off the waitlist at the beginning of January! The interview was a full day, we started out with a presentation, then broke off into half the group going on a tour and the other half went into groups of 3 to do group interviews. We all had lunch together after that, then had one on one interviews the rest of the afternoon. I liked the overall set up! They told us that that we wouldn't be notified of any decisions until all interviews were completed, and they completed
  3. I was pulled off the waitlist at the beginning of January and was #16! hope this helps!
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