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  1. Just got my rejection email at 3:06p today was realllllyyyyyy really hoping I would get an interview. Congrats to everyone who did, and to everyone else - keep pushing. This is year 3 applying for me... not giving up. Ever.
  2. Congrats on your interview! When did you submit your app? Just wondering if that's what my issue is
  3. I think the majority of pre-PA students have been out of college for at least a few years, if not more. For example, I took genetics my sophomore year in 2011, and graduated with my degree in 2014. My genetics course has “expired” for programs that require genetics and/other other science prerequisites to have been completed in the last 7 years. Hope that helps answer your question.
  4. Any updates on this program ya'll? Wondering if it's worth submitting an application to since it's late and they utilize rolling admissions.
  5. Rejection email at 7:16p. Huge Congrats to everyone accepted and good luck to everyone waitlisted!!!
  6. Don't lose hope!! They'll call the top 30 candidates with offers and those people are given 2 weeks to put a deposit down. I'm assuming that for whatever seats remain, they move to the next top candidates, and the same process happens again. I'm betting that some of us may not hear back for weeks because of this. I know someone who was "rejected", and then on day one of classes they called her with an acceptance offer because someone dropped out that day. Stay positive friends!! And if it doesn't happen, you keep trying. If this is what you want to do, then this is what you'll do. Resilience unlocks your potential!!
  7. Last year they started reviewing applications in August, and I got my rejection e-mail on September 18th. Good luck to everyone!
  8. It sounds like there are some consistent errors with GPA calculations... and how did you find out last year that they didn’t count one of your classes by mistake?
  9. Just got the rejection e-mail. This was my 3rd year applying, and I'm not losing hope. I won't let my less than exemplary GPA define nor defeat me! Congrats to everyone on interview offers and good luck!!
  10. Late to the party here. Was anyone else contacted about how their GPA was calculated? I only got an email letting me know my application was completed, nothing about how GPA was calculated.
  11. Yikes, hoping I didn't raise any red flags. I honestly felt pretty unprepared for a few of the questions and felt like I sounded like an idiot once the 5 mins was up for a few of them. Might be overthinking it.
  12. The info that I'm finding for most South programs require an overall GPA as well as a BCP GPA of 3.0 as calculated by CASPA. Where did you find this information?
  13. PA is definitely the only thing I want to do with my life. I have definitely considered going to get my BSN a million times. It's kind of like... I keep thinking "just go do it", but then I get so hopeful about PA school and convince myself to keep driving towards that because that's really what I want to do.. I would consider a masters in biology or something else as well to help me out. Thanks everyone for your input it's very much appreciated!
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