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  1. Received my acceptance call at 4pm today...So thrilled! However, I have been accepted to a Florida school as well and now have a huge choice to make. Anyone else in the same boat? Congrats everyone!!!
  2. Just received my call and I will be interviewing the 26th! So excited, the wait has been killing me! Good luck everyone!!!
  3. I’m also from out of state (Michigan) accepted to Miami and looking for housing! If anyone has suggestions/roommates, etc, let me know please!
  4. JUST RECEIEVED MY PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE to Miami! Interviewed 1/18, so excited!
  5. Does anyone know how many seats are left for the Miami campus? I received an interview today, but I will be flying across the country. Any info would help! Would they release that information if I asked?
  6. I also received my interview for TC on 11/2, see you all there!! So excited!
  7. Has anyone received a rejection letter from WMU yet?
  8. Did anyone hear back after you submitted your secondary application? I submitted my caspa a few weeks back and it took me longer than expected to pay for and send the secondary to WMU. It’s been over a week now and I haven’t received any confirmation.
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