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  1. Other than the vaccination, has anyone received any news about enrollment? Did anyone start there FASFA?
  2. I got accepted into a school in New York, so I'm giving up my interview date. Good luck peeps.
  3. BlessedFavored

    Pacific University 2018-19 Application Cycle

    I'll be declining my acceptance offer, I hope that this will open more seats.
  4. Does anyone know when the FB page will be made for the upcoming cohort?
  5. Did anyone else from Texas, specifically Houston, get accepted?
  6. the platform and palife
  7. Sure! Not to sound cliché, but I was truly being myself. I was very personable and confident. Also, prior to the interview I paid for a mock interview. I was fairly expensive, maybe $120, but I believe that it got me prepared. Good luck, I'm positive that you and everyone else on this forum will get into the school of your dreams, just continue to have faith.
  8. I'm declining my offer, I hope that this will open more seats. Good luck to everyone.
  9. I interviewed on the 10/22. They have 2 more interview dates. Keep Faith, you might get an email.
  10. does mcphs have essays as a component of the interview?

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