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  1. Did you do any rotations in california for your clinical year? Or did you stick with having all your rotations being done in Florida?
  2. I am trying to decide between two programs. Program A: I feel is a better fit for me. Better program overall- better PANCE rates, higher ranking, more volunteer/primary care clinic opportunites, felt comfortable with faculty and loved the facility, but not in the state I think i'd want to find a job in Program B: In the state I want to practice and live in, where my family is, decent program with decent PANCE rates, nice faculty, not a huge fan of the facility/technologies/curriculum.
  3. Thank you so much for the input! I think the reason why i’m hesitant is because of the PANCE pass rates not being the highest and consistent, but overall am leaning towards option A as well.
  4. Hey! So i am fortunate enough to be in the position of deciding between two programs, but am having trouble choosing between the two like so many others before. I am aware that in the end, ranking plays little part in success as a future PA and so I am not concerned about that. But any opinion and insight would be helpful! Option A: Close to family- have a support system Could save money living at home, so overall cost would be cheaper in the long run within the state that I want to live/practice in Has medical spanish course 93% average five year PANCE pass rate ('15 @ 95%, '16 @ 95%, and '17 @ 93%) No cadaver lab 8 core rotations, 1 elective Well established program 75 students 28 month program, August start date Option B: Out of state (Costs may be higher due to rent) Name of institution is highly known No support system Team based learning 100% pass rate cadaver lab attached to teaching hospital 9 rotations, 1 elective New program, only 3 classes have graduated 30 students 24 month program, May start date
  5. thank you for your input! Yes i think after a long hard time of consideration and weighing out the benefits of both, I've realized that vicinity to my family is something that i prioritize along with being in the state that i would like to further my future career.
  6. Like that program isn’t as highly revered based on its name or ranking!
  7. I am deciding between two program, one that is a better program face value but is out of the state I want to live in afterwards and far from family, and the other that isn’t as “good” in terms of name, but it is closer to home and in the state i want to live in afterwards. What should i focus on more, being closer to support and in the state i want to live in, or attending the better program that is out of state?
  8. I took some AP courses that allowed me to fulfill my writing requirement during my undergraduate studies. I understand that PSU does accept AP credits for writing courses if accepted by my undergraduate program. For filling out the prerequisite course section in the secondary application, what would I put down for the institution and term year/grade/credit? Would i simply use the undergraduate institution with my first term year and skip putting the credit and grade? Thank you in advance!
  9. Do you guys know if it would be appropriate to message Ms.Kays and ask where they are at in terms of reviewing my application? I know I want to go to UF but it's scary not knowing when other places give you one week to pay a deposit and i'm having to risk it. Does anyone know if she is going to be making anymore calls for early decisions?
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