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  1. Thank you! I got Oakland but maybe that's because it was my first choice. By the way I interviewed on 2/2.
  2. I got an offer earlier today too and I'm still in shock! Keep an eye out for a "No caller ID" call. I ignored it a couple times and it turned out to be Dr. Magaña haha. Don't give up hope y'all. There is still a chance!
  3. KAJohnson congrats on your interview! I came across a blog that had an interview with the assistant program director. This was published in Feb last year but I think it hasn't changed. She said that they did not do rolling admissions and only offered early admission to some stand-out candidates. Looking at the thread last year this sounds about right. There's some other great info about the program. Here's the link if you want to check it out! https://beaphysicianassistant.com/blog/samuel-merritt-university-pa-program-profile
  4. I received the survey today asking for my campus preference. Does anyone know exactly where the new campus will be located in fresno?
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