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  1. 3.5 undergrad GPA, 7,000 PCE when I applied through clinical research, volunteering in free clinics, >100 hours shadowing PAs
  2. Also accepted to SLC yesterday!! Can't believe it
  3. I also received an interview invite for 12/6! Really excited!
  4. Does where you interview mean that you are only be ing considered for that campus? If I am interviewing in SLC can I be considered for the St. George campus as well? Thanks!
  5. I would still recommend applying! I think they still have interviews through March!
  6. Has anyone who's been out of school for a while found anything to be helpful while preparing for the 150 question anatomy exam?
  7. Received an interview invite for 11/22 also! Gonna book a flight soon haha so excited!!!
  8. Totally hoping to hear back this week also. It would make sense for them to contact the September interviews this week before conducting all of the October interviews
  9. same!! Saw my heart rate on my fitbit spike up hahahaha
  10. Has anyone updated the checklist to include additional clinical hours? I was wondering if updating this would be helpful thinking about the interview next week. Thanks!
  11. I agree with everything that was mentioned about interviewing here! It was really welcoming and everyone was kind. It was a really good experience and the current students were so helpful! Overall a really heartwarming and inspiring day with incredible people! I feel really grateful to have received an acceptance
  12. Yay!! I was also accepted from the 9/14 interview haha very excited! It was such a welcoming interview process and inspiring faculty for sure
  13. Thank you! I'm so excited for my interview on 9.30. I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm glad to hear you had such a positive experience
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