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  1. emilymuff

    CASPA fail?

    This never made sense to me haha, and are you sure about that? Even if you are correct, I don't think being a "re-applicant" in CASPA's eyes is a negative thing.
  2. I completely agree with you. I do the same thing. That is why I am nervous for my essay, because I hope it makes them want to invite me to an interview and get to know me more. There is always going to be somebody that is better than you in some area, but maybe weaker, or less experienced, than you in another. What I do think is so awesome about the PA community, both pre- and post-, is how supportive and helpful we all are. Yes, we are all competing against each other, but it's not a negative environment.
  3. I wish you the best of luck I and I hope you get into your top choice!
  4. I agree, I think it's awesome that there is an online/hybrid program out there. I was definitely indifferent about it at first, but after some research I was convinced. What about you? Any programs that you are eyeballing the most? That's a great question, I think anything surgical is a natural fit, but I am eager to learn about other specialties such as oncology or something not so common like oculoplastics. You?
  5. Thank you! GPA overall: 3.7, Science: 3.8 (will graduate in June) GRE: 300 (thought about retaking it, but I know it is such a minimal factor and that score doesn't stick out like a sore thumb) HCE: 10k + (prior navy corpsman/surgical tech both in navy and after) Volunteer: not too much, but consistent and continuing over the past year with the homeless community here in Rhode Island Shadowing: only 25 formal hours, but have worked directly and side-by-side with PAs through my surg tech career and the Navy There are some impressive stats out there, and of course they can be "make or break" but we all know that PA schools look at the applicant as a whole, and the PS is what will get you and interview and be that opportunity to show the real you. You can have the best stats and still not get in, or have the worst stats and get in. We have to remember to try, and not compare each other just by looking at these numbers (I catch myself doing it and I start to self-doubt). We all know this, so I guess I am just reminding myself.
  6. Yes, My husband is Active Duty Navy, and we are moving to a new location at the end of this year, but we won't know that location for another month or two. So my options are Yale online and whatever PA program is near our new location. Will probably be EVMS, Nova Southeastern in Jax, or MEDEX Tacoma. There is a PA program applying for accreditation in San Diego, but that process takes a while. So we'll see!
  7. I am finally able to apply this year, and I am so excited, but I am starting to self-doubt. I know I am a competitive, non-traditional applicant, but so is everyone else (which is great), that is why it's so hard to get in. Though I am also only applying to 1-2 schools, which is drastically decreasing my chances. Maybe it's all nerves. Anyone having similar feelings??
  8. When should we be taking the CASPer test if we know our desired programs require it? Thank you
  9. emilymuff


    Anyone have advice for getting a letter of recommendation from an educator/prof without having any form of relationship with any of them? Through so much traveling with the military I got my degree online (technically finish in June), so I didn't have that one-on-one relationship with any of my professors. Thank you, Emily
  10. emilymuff

    CASPA fail?

    This will be my first time applying, but this is the advice I was told a while ago. It won't give you an edge, but it will help you be familiar with the site and everything you have to fill out on the application. Not everything will roll over into the new application cycle, but you can have everything saved and "filled out" in a word document or excel sheet, such as the descriptions of your experiences and awards etc. This way you can edit whenever you need to and have it ready to go when the new cycle opens so all you have to do is copy, paste, and input the rest of the info that takes less time. This is especially beneficial especially if any of the programs you are applying to have rolling admissions. The earlier you submit your application the better, but you also want to make sure its filled out thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Yes, there is a number on the form, but does that give the undergraduate schools any information? Obviously this process has been working for many cycles, I guess now I am just curious.
  12. First, to any of you who has applied before, did you have any issues with your schools sending official transcripts to the PA programs? I have the printed form that is to be mailed to each college with the CASPA mailing address, but the only identifying information on there is my name. What if my name was John Smith at a major university? Second, the college in which I got my degree (as well as where most of my classes are from) are outlined in "sessions", not quarters or semesters. Anyone else have experience with that as well? Thank you, Emily
  13. I am sure this has been asked before, if so, please forward it to me. But when writing out the description and responsibilities of your various experiences, should the format be a list/bullet point or more of a thoughtful written out paragraph? What I have so far (in an excel sheet), is a list of my responsibilities with a small blurb of something I learned during that experience. Here is an example of one of my work experiences: Active duty Navy, worked in hospitals on land and sea Prepared operating room for surgery In charge of setting up sterile supplies Assisted the nurse and/or PA in positioning the patient on the operating table Prepped the patient by shaving, washing, and disinfecting the surgical site Applied sterile surgical drapes on the patient Passed surgical instruments to the physician Assisted the physician during the surgery Sutured incision site Applied wound dressings Learned that each member of the operating room team, regardless of education level, plays a vital role in the patient's safety Any advice/experience is much appreciated Emily
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