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  1. This was very helpful; thank you. I think creating a list of things/qualities that I want the program to know about me will help keep my essays focused and clear.
  2. Thank you very much with your response. I think that because there are three prompts, and that they all need to be stellar is making it more difficult for me ha!
  3. Good morning, I am not applying until next cycle, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the three essay prompts? Did you find any resources helpful or use any editing services? Any information would be much appreciated. Best of luck to all of you this cycle, Emily
  4. That's fantastic! Congrats Thank you!
  5. Yes we did! I remember you. I'm sorry to hear about that Did you get accepted anywhere else or are you going to apply to MEDEX this cycle? Due to my husband being active duty, I am going to apply to whichever PA program is near us (if there is one) and Yale online (was kind of skeptical at first, but after doing a lot of research into the program, it seems like it would be a great fit for me).
  6. Awesome! I Didn't know about the app; thank you! Best of luck to you, I hope you end up near your bf
  7. Thank you so much; I really appreciate it!
  8. I think I could do better. I studied somewhat for the math, and not at all for verbal besides some "tips". Thank you!
  9. Hello, I am debating on whether I should retake the GRE or not. I have a great overall and science GPA, 6 years of PCE hrs, and a good amount of volunteer and shadowing hours. I will only be applying to 1, MAYBE 2 schools depending on where my husband gets relocated (active duty). My top choice school (and the one I can for sure apply to) says that they consider the application as a whole, and I know that GRE isn't the most important factor on an application. However, I feel like I'll stick out with my current GRE scores (verbal 151, math 149 total 300), especially since they are all below the current PA class's GRE average. I am leaning towards retaking it...besides the money, what does it matter? Also, since I am limiting my chances of getting accepted by applying to one school, I feel as if I should try to go above and beyond in all categories. Any advice? Thank you, Emily
  10. I'm not applying until next cycle, but I did attend last night's info session. Most of the information can just be found on their website. Though they did talk about a typical weekly schedule and they briefly went through the online classroom. During the session there was a live chat, and a few people did ask if there would be a recording available, but I didn't see any of the staff respond to those questions. If they did, I missed it. Perhaps you could email the program and see if they would send out a copy? Emily
  11. I highly recommend looking into the Navy. Of course everyone's situation is different, but the only debt you would owe would be a few years of service to your country. https://navypa.com/navy-pa-info/student-info-and-pa-programs#navy-health-services-collegiate-program-hscp
  12. Is it safe to assume that volunteering at an animal shelter probably doesn’t count as “serving underserved communities”? I understand that PAs serve humans and not animals, but it’s still apart of my community and by helping out the shelter in general and helping animals get adopted to a safe and happy home can be seen as contributing to the heath and moral of my community. I also have volunteer hours at the local hospital and a few other locations. Has anyone else put animal shelters down in their application? Thank you, Emily
  13. Thank you for your advice; I really appreciate it!
  14. I personally do not know, but your best bet is to contact the programs directly.
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