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  1. Hey I am about halfway through my first semester of PA school, and like a lot of others, are very interested in applying for a residency. However, knowing that grades are an important factor for interviews/acceptance, does anyone have any experience on how a Pass/Fail/Honors PA school grading system will translate? Even though it is overall pass/fail, we still get % scores on our quizzes (haven't taken an exam yet)...so maybe it's possible for me to still get a GPA at the end of graduation?
  2. If Janie makes the calls again, it will probably be a NC number, I don’t recall the area code, but my iPhone told me NC
  3. If I am understanding you right, the tier system is based on how long you served on active duty. You are eligible for 100% of the GI Bill benefits if you served at least 36 months active duty or received a Purple Heart. Here is a photo from this link: https://gibill.custhelp.va.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/947. Because Yale is a private institution, the GI Bill will not be able to cover 100% of the tuition costs. Member Serves Percentage of Maximum Benefit Payable At least 36 months or received a Purple Heart*
  4. Hey, So I have been accepted to the online program; starting Jan 2021 and will be using the GI Bill. I am not sure how much I can answer for you, but I'll give you everything I know haha. I am prior Navy, and I used my GI Bill for my undergrad. My husband transferred his GI Bill to me (he's active duty), so I can use that towards Yale Online. Like you said, there is a tuition cap, however Yale does participate in the Yellow Ribbon program (at least they did last year), which helps cover some of the additional costs of private education that the GI Bill doesn't cover. The amount
  5. I am prior Navy HM, so my knowledge on your specifics is close to none. However, like @LT_Oneal_PAC said, I know how long the entrance process can be. So I would recommend talking to recruiters now and get that ball rolling if you haven't already. Best, Emily
  6. haha I want to be hopeful for a little while longer, just because phone calls went out around 8-830 last round...though I know that is no solid indication of what could happen this time. If not, then like last night, no news is still good news at this point.
  7. Please don’t get upset or discouraged! I am a part of only the second interview group. And there is no set amount of “groups”. The director of admissions specifically said they look over every single application before filling the class. There are MANY people still waiting to hear about an interview invite. The staff at Yale Online has said multiple times that they are experiencing a large amount of applications this year, so they are very very busy. Please don’t count yourself out. There is SO much time still.
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