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  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to come across as pushy or anything, but I don't think there is anything wrong with double checking if you are concerned. We all are nervous and want to make sure our documents are in haha You may have already done so, but make sure to check your spam folder . However, as long as it says "verified" in CASPA, I think you should be fine. Perhaps if you don't hear anything by this afternoon or even Monday, send them an email or just call.
  2. Like @Krystalized, I too spoke nothing of my PS in my supplemental essays. I just saw them as a place to talk about different experiences.
  3. The only insight I've personally gotten was from reading last year's forum, so things could have changed. However, they said the interviewers try to make it a relaxed environment. There was no info regrading questions though.
  4. I would definitely recommend wearing something professional like a suit. Maybe you could borrow one? There are a lot of sales right now like Banana Republic, and a suit or nice blazer may be a good investment for future use. I have also heard that H&M has decent blazers as well
  5. Yes! I hope we hear something tomorrow, but I'm trying to keep my hopes somewhat controlled since it's a holiday haha
  6. I turned in my app this week and have not gotten an interview yet. Trying to not obsess over my email too much until Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) haha I did get the supplemental payment email confirmation.
  7. My application has been received by Yale Praying for good news for those of us who are waiting!
  8. On average, I used about 500 characters less than the max. I agree with @Krystalized, once I had said what I wanted to say, I didn't want to fluff it up just to give them more to read.
  9. Whoohoo CST! That is so awesome, I love trauma surgery (Obviously not for the patient haha) It’s really nice to be connecting with potentially future classmates. Especially so many parents!
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