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  1. Hello, I was accepted into a PA program this cycle. Thus, my Pre-PA resources are no longer needed! I am selling 3 books: Getting into the Physician Assistant School of Your Choice by Andrew Rodican, 2nd Edition. This book is a good foundation for knowing the general admissions process, from start to finish. It is very dated as I had bought this in 2010 when I knew I was going to start my path to becoming a PA. How to "Ace" the Physician Assistant School Interview by Andrew Rodican, unknown edition. I bought this book this year and was helpful in determining general interview quest
  2. Received an invite on Tuesday and confirmed my placement! Also received my information packet in the mail today. Would be interested in meeting up as well...I am also familiar with the Kaladi Brothers on Brayton Drive (used to be my high school go to spot), which would provide a nice place to talk as compared to a busy bar/restaurant on a Friday night. The room will likely need to be reserved? However, I believe there is a Facebook group that might be in the midst of organizing a meetup already?
  3. Nope, not yet. Edit: yes, received confirmation from Arcadia today (5/15)
  4. It's a plain field text box. I didn't put indents, but I made sure to put in a space between each paragraph to improve readability. Hope that helps!
  5. Hello, I wanted to start this annual thread as I have recently submitted my CASPA application (5/7; verified 5/8; confirmed receipt by Arcadia 5/15)! Has anyone else finished? Good luck!
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