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  1. I was accepted off of the accepted pending open seat list! It seems like it's moving(: There's still hope for those on it. I am so excited to be joining this cohort!
  2. I have just given up my seat to attend another program. I am excited for whoever gets to fill it! I can tell this cohort is going to be great!
  3. I have given up my seat to attend another program. It was hard to do, but the best choice for me. I know this class is going to do great!
  4. Hey I was just offered to be on the accepted pending open seat list!(: So there’s about 70 people on this list?
  5. I was just offered a spot on the accepted pending open seat list! I’m so excited! Does anyone know how many people are on this list though?
  6. I'm in a similar situation; a long-established program with connections to renowned locations vs. a local 7-year old program. I would be saving ~100k. One of my main concerns with my well-established option with rotation sites at amazing hospitals is... Will I be competing with other medical students and nursing students at these sites that many local prestigious universities also send their students to? The local newer school has been doing amazing but is just lacking that wow-factor that I felt at the more prestigious school... I too have not decided. It hurts my heart to consider turning down such an amazing opportunity. However, I have one more interview that might change the game that I'm actually going to message you about.
  7. So happy for you Geoffrey! Your stats are amazing and you're so kind! What school will have the honor of having you?!
  8. I was accepted today as well at 4:30ish! I interviewed on Saturday 12/8 at 8 am with Julia. It was her that called me. However, before this I was told that we’d most likely hear back late Jan or early Feb. So there is deffinitely still a good chance for those waiting!
  9. Yeah! Make if and then I think you can message those accepted directly with the link. Only because I’m not sure who still comes on here.
  10. I got an email today to be on the waitlist, but I denied. I hope this opens a spot for another. Best of luck everyone!
  11. I was accepted off the waitlist today!!!! They called so early I thought I was dreaming! I still feel like I’m dreaming. Lol. Where can I connect with other accepted students?
  12. I got a rejection and did not get invited to an interview. Hope that helps a bit and CONGRATS!
  13. I got a confirmation that my application was received and under review on 7/24, but I still haven’t heard anything since then. Is anyone in the same situation?
  14. Hey so this is what they emailed back to me when I asked my waitlist questions “Applicants on the alternate list are not ranked. If a space becomes available in the PA Program, the Admissions Committee will meet to make a decision. Your status on the alternate list for the PA Program remains in effect until the PA class matriculates in August 2019.”
  15. I got a confirmation yesterday as well. I sent another email inquiring about how many people are on the list and if it’s ranked. Not sure if they can tell us, but if I get anything back I’ll post here.
  16. Does any one have word on how the program is running and how the first cohort is doing?
  17. Does anyone know how big the alternate list is and if we’re ranked on it?
  18. I don't know why, but I feel like today wont be the day either... There are usually calls out by now. ?
  19. Is anyone still waiting for an email into the portal? I submitted 8/8 & I'm still waiting.
  20. It was my understanding that we should all hear something by two and a half weeks.
  21. I think we might be waiting until Monday. That would give accepted people a week to decide and pay their deposit. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they’re waiting for to determine how many spots are still available. That’s just my guess.
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