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  1. I interviewed September 12 and still haven’t heard anything either.
  2. I haven't heard anything yet either and I've been checking my email every minute too!!
  3. I interviewed on 10/31 and haven’t heard anything yet
  4. Just got an email saying they will be sending out interview invites this Thursday and Friday November 15 and 16!
  5. I have an interview coming up November 12! They sent me the information email about the interview and the first thing it asked to bring was "Print the letter you received from the program showing your coursework as completed or not." Am I reading this wrong or am I just not thinking of the right thing, what letter are they referring to? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone heard anything recently?
  7. Sarahs20

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I interviewed 9/26 and haven’t heard anything as well!
  8. Anyone here anything yet? I keep checking my email too!
  9. I haven’t heard anything back yet either from the first interview.
  10. I got an interview for November 12th too! I’m coming from Texas too!

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