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  1. @jsutt13 Almost forgot, also brought a copy of my resume, my favorite pen, and a tide pen. I also did not end up needing these things.
  2. @jlhuy260 Oh, i brought some STUFF! I was calling it my "survival kit" all day. I had ID, parking pass, water, mints, a mini sewing kit, a tiny lint roller, chap stick, a tiny brush with a mirror on the back, bobby pins, hair elastics....maybe some other stuff? In truth, though, all I really used was the first four things.
  3. @mkPAtobe No worries! I believe you have 2 weeks from when the offer was made, but you should be able to see the deadline when you login to that page.
  4. Hi! I was also in this same situation, but I had contacted Wendy to let her know that I could be available last minute if something earlier opened up. I think it’s worth it to give her a shout!
  5. Hey guys, I just found out I got into another program, so i will be giving up my seat. I hope there's a hopeful on the waiting list who gets the happiest phone call of their life next week!!!
  6. @meggwong Thank you so much for the insight!
  7. Hey everyone! Those of you who have interviewed already, I’m wondering if there is a visible timer in the room when you go in for your MMIs? should you speak that whole time, or just say what you need to and if it is under 7 minutes that’s okay? Thanks for the insight!!
  8. Also got waitlisted from 5/17. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  9. Has anyone from the 5/17 interview heard back yet?
  10. I called yesterday, they told me they were still reviewing applications and are still sending out interview invites.
  11. Keep your head up! You only need one acceptance!
  12. Does anyone know how strict they are about the letter of recommendation from a healthcare practitioner? I have two letters from paramedics, but not from a PA or MD. Did anyone else with a similar situation get an interview? Thanks!
  13. They said that in the interest of fairness, they will not share the reason for rejection until after the application cycle is closed. I do plan to inquire in case I need to reapply next year.
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