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  1. Not that I know of. I was just waiting till I hear from the program!
  2. I was accepted on October 18th, paid the deposit, etc. but have not heard a word since. I called a few weeks ago and they said they would start sending out more information about background checks and incomplete prerequisites sometime in December once they have their class filled.
  3. Hi guys, I submitted my application in early July, and I just received an interview invite (11/21). Good luck everyone!
  4. Oh good ? now I’m thinking they gave me an acceptance by mistake ??
  5. Okay thanks! I was just nervous to put in the second deposit if I still haven't heard back ?
  6. Has anyone made a facebook page for the class of 2021? If not we should get that started! Also, @Juliag @notofimportance143, I accepted their offer and paid my first deposit, but never heard back. Did they say anything else to either of you?
  7. Received an acceptance email today around noon! I will be attending ?
  8. Not yet! I believe they said we would hear back at the latest by the 16th or 17th.
  9. Hey friends who have already interviewed, I just got an interview invite! So they're asking for a recent color photo of myself, did you send a professional headshot or a cropped picture from an event? I am probably way over thinking this!
  10. Hi guys, has anyone heard anything? I applied early in July, and almost immediately received an email to send in a supplemental application. Finger crossed ?
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