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  1. I'm coming from Atlanta! I'm planning to visit within the next few weeks to secure housing. Does anyone have suggestions? I was looking at South Main District, but I heard a lot of students live on Mud Island.
  2. Does anyone remember when we would be receiving the email? I was so shocked that everything went in one ear and out the other!
  3. I just received a call from Drew..waitlisted. I’m surprised they’re calling people instead of emailing applicants.
  4. I canceled my interview for Friday and withdrew my application. Best of luck everyone!
  5. I just finished! It's very straight forward and a "get to know you" type interview. PJ definitely went out of his way to get everyone to relax.
  6. I sent an email this morning and haven’t received a response. I guess we’ll get one tomorrow?
  7. I just received notification that I was placed on the alternate list..I interviewed on 08/27.
  8. Received an interview invite! I'm hoping to interview next week! Edit: I'm also a second time applicant!
  9. Just received notification that I was waitlisted after my interview. I’m surprised because I thought I did poorly!
  10. Anyone know when they'll start sending out acceptances?
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