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  1. I received a call yesterday but will be declining an interview as i was accepted else where. Good luck to everyone! It’s a stressful time but so worth it in the end!!
  2. I will also be giving up my seat! Good luck everyone!! ?
  3. I haven’t sent in my deposit but I am doing so today! I will be attending if I don’t get in somewhere closer to home. when I emailed the question it was an automatic email from Allie. So then I emailed the pa program and they haven’t responded yet.
  4. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Allie is no longer with them. When I emailed her a question last week she said she isn’t there anymore. Maybe they are short staffed.
  5. Does anyone know when more tuition will be due after the initial $1500 deposit?
  6. Have you heard anything? Nothing over here yet lol. I’m terrible at being patient.
  7. Not sure if you can answer this but when you say "brush up on recent legislation", do they expect us to have laws memorized or just a general idea of them. Thank you for your help!
  8. Did anyone hear back yet from the 10/2 interview?
  9. Same! Okay just making sure lol. Thanks!
  10. For anyone that accepted the offer, did Cherri email you back? I just want to make sure she got my email.
  11. The email says to accept or decline the interview by oct 8th, so maybe they will send out more if people decline. Does anyone know what type of questions wayne usually asks?
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