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  1. Hey guys! I am the MAPA rep for the Class of 2021, and I just wanted to pass on the MAPA Fall Mixer in Troy at Mon Jin Lau on November 21st at 6pm (Next Thursday!). It is a great chance for you to mingle!!! You can register at this link: https://www.michiganpa.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1283381 I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you there!!
  2. Cherri sent us an email earlier in November stating that we would receive confirmation of the program receiving our deposits by 12/5, and now she's out of office until the new year (per her email's automatic response) and has not sent us our confirmations. If anyone who is not a part of the FB group (we are waiting for 7 more members to join!!! "Wayne State University Physician Assistant Class of 2021" please join if you haven't already) and nervous because they haven't gotten a confirmation- don't worry we all are still waiting!!
  3. Join our Facebook group! Name was posted earlier in the thread!
  4. cGPA: 3.91 sGPA: 3.85 GRE combined: 311 (q 158, v 153, a 4.5) hours: 1000 from PT Tech and CNA first time applicant, graduated in April with a BS in Biology, and one of my letter of rec was from their program’s anatomy prof I agree with the volunteer service, they also really like to see you helping out *local underserved* communities (like I volunteered a bit in Pontiac and Detroit, which I emphasized more during my interview/personal statement/50 hours I submitted to the school than when I went on an international trip). They want students who want to remain in the Detr
  5. Yes! Wayne State! Thank you and you're welcome ?
  6. Since nobody has done it yet, I created a facebook group because I'm excited to see who all is in the class! It is titled "Wayne State University Physician Assistant Class of 2021" so feel free to request to join it! Add everyone you know who will be attending!
  7. Giving up my seat! Good luck to everyone, this is an amazing program and I know you all will do great things!
  8. I think it was a mass email, due to the fact it was titled “Dear Applicant” and the first post on this came almost immediately after I got my acceptance! (So happy by the way!)
  9. Just letting you know- there are 7 slots still available for interview times in GR and they said we have until November 1st to register for a slot. You probably won’t hear back until after nov 1st, and every day leading up to the interview people may give up their slots bc they heard back from other programs (I know some other MI schools *may* send decisions before Nov 9th). I got waitlisted for an interview at another school and they actually never sent out emails saying the interviews were over and it’s a no, even though I know that to be true. So they may not even give you a straight u
  10. I’m traveling from metro Detroit, about a 2.5 hour drive from Mt Pleasant!
  11. I received an invite just now for Nov 2nd (non-alum)!
  12. Did you email the address they provided that you accept your spot? I got a response email when I did.
  13. I forgot to ask during the interview- did anyone ask how long it will be until we hear a response? I know last year they heard back two Wednesday later for acceptances. Thanks!
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