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  1. It was really just panel style interviews, faculty and just you. A small group with one faculty member. Really informative on how the program is set up. You will enjoy it. Good luck to you
  2. So I got an acceptance call yesterday!! So excited and can't wait to meet my fellow classmates!!
  3. I'll try to give as many as possible. Submitted May 15th, got confirmation about a month later that my application was recieved. Science gpa-3.6, nonScience Gpa-,3.72 GRE, 299 I'll lump HCE/PCE/volunteer hrs into one 15,000+ hrs. I work currently as a respiratory therapist.
  4. Got an interview invite this afternoon for oct. 9th!!!!! My email said virtual interview
  5. I submitted sometime around May 15th, did the supplemental shortly after. Emailed the graduate admissions office for the same issue as above. Got a reply on June 15th. Yesterday was the first contact by the program regarding admissions.
  6. Got an email yesterday stating my application was reviewed and I have met the admission requirements upon successful completion of the perquisites. IF selected for an interview they will take place September thru December. Good luck to everyone.
  7. I interview 8/29, so nothing to report yet. Just completed the forms they wanted filled out.
  8. Also wanted to post I also have an interview for 8/29. This program is seriously exciting. It checks a lot of boxes off. Their Facebook page has been quite transparent. Best of luck to all.
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