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  1. Hi All, I got the acceptance call last night! I am absolutely thrilled, over the moon excited. For all those that got accepted as well, I can't wait to meet you in January. For those still waiting to hear back, be patient. I know easier said than done, but this is the true test to how strong and resilient we truly become in this process.
  2. I must say how much I love all of your support. If accepted, I would be honored to be in a cohort with all of you! Fingers crossed we get that phone call today
  3. I am sorry to hear about everyone's rejections. I hope you will be selected with another program that is a great fit! For those that did not get accepted, did you interview already?
  4. Hey everyone, thank you for the words of encouragement. I finished my 2nd interview today. Only thing left is to wait. Good luck to everyone on their interview this week and next. Good luck to those who have submitted but waiting to hear back about the next steps!
  5. I finished one of my interviews. The interviewer mentioned that they have interviews scheduled for next week too? I thought it was just this week only. Can anyone confirm this? Also, I could use some words of encouragement right now. My interview went fine, nothing bad stood out to me, but I wish I could have connected more. I also have one more interview tomorrow, any advice on how to connect? maybe it's the online format that makes it difficult...
  6. Hi Everyone, I am excited to see what this application cycle brings. I applied last year, interviewed, and waitlisted. I have applied again this year. Submitted 5/25, supplemental fee received 6/5, "under review" with Yale 6/9. Fingers crossed I get invited for an interview! I hope for the best for all of you. It has been amazing to read all of your supportive posts. I hope I can do the same for you! You all got this!
  7. Hi All, Has anyone received any interview invites yet? I know its early but I remember last year they sent out invites early..... I submitted my application 5/29, I haven't heard anything.
  8. I got stuck on the "creative" part too. When I think of autobiography, I think of chronological major events in life, so I interpreted "creative" as a story telling narrative. I didn't write an essay of my life but rather I wrote a narrative/story of a specific memory in my life that demonstrates some of my (great ) traits and skills to show them who I am. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Everyone, I thought I would start a thread going. I am looking forward to this year's application cycle! Best of luck!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am thinking about taking Applied Immunology course online at UC San Diego. Has anyone taken this class before? What did you think of the course? Would you recommend it? I can't seem to find much reviews online. It's appealing to me because its 3 credit hour course for $675. Is there another online Immunology course from a different school you would recommend?
  11. Congrats to everyone that has been accepted so far! Just wondering, if I applied and never invited for an interview but I still haven't gotten an outright rejection email, letter, etc. Do you think it is too soon to call them and ask them how my application can be improved? Should I wait until after I receive the rejection letter?
  12. Last year RVU split interviews into two groups: One in the first week of December (they had an application deadline of Dec. 1st) and the next was in January. Does anyone know if they are going to split interview groups again this year?
  13. Congrats! When did you verify? When did you submit supplemental fee/payment?
  14. Hey everyone, I am about to submit my application but I notice something weird. My secondary/supplementary essays for this program is all lumped together in one paragraph when in fact I have several paragraphs in a given essay. I tried creating a new line or indenting my paragraphs but it doesn't stick. I have plenty of character space, so that isn't it. Did anyone else notice that with their essays? Do you know how to fix it?
  15. Does anyone have an essay example of how to answer, "Why are you a good match specifically for XYZ PA Program?"
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