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  1. I would contact Christopher Dennett to ask what all has been sent out!
  2. I received a financial aid "package" showing the costs for the first year.
  3. I've heard that they are still integrating into the school of medicine right now and are working out the kinks of all the new things happening! Hopefully we hear something soon! It's almost March! Every time I see a new post on here I get excited and think someone has been accepted off the waitlist and then find it is just a regular question post and not what I am looking for. xD. Good luck everyone !!!
  4. I emailed Ms. McGraw to ask if there was any movement on the waitlist yet. She stated "No movement." I know we are all anxious and waiting so I couldn't hold my self back .
  5. Well, I’ve obsessively searched through the past 3 years of UTMB’s application cycles and I found that applicants began posting again about being pulled off the waitlist around mid-late February and it picked up from there! Given that, hopefully around that time @jessica242
  6. I did not receive a number. I don't think they will disclose that, sadly.
  7. What! Wow. I wonder how far down they'll get this year on the list! Good luck everyone!!!
  8. Received a waitlist email yesterday from 10/8 interview! I wonder how many people are on the list.
  9. Does anyone know when UTMB should send out rejections, waitlists and final acceptances? I remember from the interview that the class size freezes, so to speak, on June 1st. Hoping to hear back way before then!!
  10. @shrch Does UTMB send out what specific spot applicants have on waitlist or just notification that you're on the list? From what I've seen here is 11/19 last interview date?
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