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  1. I submitted my application on 5/18 and haven't received any emails. It seems like most of my other PA emails are going to my spam (I even had an interview offer in my spam folder) and now I'm afraid I've missed something. Suggestions on what to do?
  2. "Update on your Tufts PA Program application"
  3. Hi everyone! I'll be interviewing on 6/14 Check your spam folders! My interview invite was buried - I'm so glad I checked it today. This is my second year applying to Tufts. I applied late last year (submitted 7/15/18) and got my denial in September. This year I submitted on 5/18/19 and was verified 5/2019. Stats: GPA: 3.81 sGPA: 3.76 GRE: 305 PCE: 2700 hours Volunteer: 300 hours Research: 560 hours Good luck to everyone applying!!!
  4. I brought a padfolio with my resume and a note pad to take notes during the day. I also had some questions I had written down to ask during my interview. My interviewer did not need my resume, but I thought it was helpful to have the questions I wanted to ask written down.
  5. Got my rejection email on 8/13 cGPA: 3.79 sGPA: 3.76 1,200 hours EMT-B 650 hours CNA 600 hours Neuroscience Research
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